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Integrated Services :
  Services for Land Acquisition, well site and approach road construction and maintenance
  Drilling and completion of well including drilling, cementing, logging, hydraulic fracturing, completion rig and pump installation with all required equipment and material (with and without bulk mater
  Well head facility construction, operation and Maintenance
  Pipeline construction
  Gas Gathering Station and Main Compressor Station construction, operation and Maintenance
  Armoured & unarmoured power cable, special cable, instrumentation cable, data networking cable, fiber optic cables etc
Supply of Equipment, Material & Services :
  Corehole Drilling Rig for drilling wells with air & fluid flush and HQ3/NQ3 Coring 900 m & 1500 m capacity.
  Surface hole (12" to 14") drilling rig (air & fluid flush) and Cementing (grouting) Services up to 500 meters
  Drilling rig for drilling test wells/Production well capable of drilling with air /fluid flush, 1250 m capacity
  Cementing Services
  Mud engineering services
  Completion/work over/testing rig 15 ton, 30 Tons & 50 ton
  Horizontal and Directional Drilling services including radial drilling, inseam drilling, etc
  Different types of Completion Services
  Fishing services
Drilling Materials :
  Drilling Bits and Coring Bits
  Tubular, Casing/Tubing, ERW pipes, liner, HW /HQ rod
  Down hole Tools (open/cased hole- packers, Inflatable Packer, bridge plugs, cement retainers, scrappers, under reamer, bi-centre bits, stabilizers, x-over, Core barrels and accessories, Fishing Tools
  Mud & Cementing chemicals like cement, Bentonite, light weight additives (cenospheres), KCL etc
  Well Head & Christmas Trees, Casing Head, Tubing Head and valves & spares
  Casing accessories, float shoe, float collars, centralisers, plugs, ball & baffle, casing thread compound, cement basket, stage collar etc.
G&G Services :
  Slim hole Geophysical Logging, Open hole and cased hole Geophysical Logging and Perforation
  Coal analysis and CBM Laboratory work with & without Mobile Lab facility
  Reserve certification, geological & reservoir Assessment, resource estimation etc.
  services and maintenance of hardware and software related to geology, geophysics and reservoir engineering
  Seismic survey including shallow seismic survey
G&G Material :
  Gas desorption, Gas quality and water quality measurement related lab equipment
Production Services :
  Stimulation services like Hydro – fracturing, Acidization ,etc.
  Coil Tubing services
  Hiring of Diesel, Dual Fuel and Gas based Generation Sets including operation and maintenance.
  Supply of Fuel and chemicals like Lubricants and related services
  Installation and commissioning of pipeline(Metallic, HDPE etc )
  Service companies engaged in installation and commissioning of Gas Gathering Station/ Compression/ Dehydration etc.
  Operation and maintenance of CBM well, Well Site Facility & Surface Facility by providing manpower, equipment and spares
  Slick Line/ Wire line services
  Hiring of Goods, Equipments and Materials like Mobile pumping unit, Pumps, Air Compressors, etc including accessories required at various bases and sites.
  Production Testing Services
  Mobile water tanker services
  NDT (Non Destructive Testing) services
  Calibration and maintenance of Oil & Gas equipment
  Effluent water treatment services
Production Material :
  Different types of Chemicals & Additives like proppant sand, TEG, Lubricants, acid etc for CBM wells
  Sucker Rods, Pony Rods, Sucker Rod guides, accessories & tools
  Sucker Rod Pumps, Progressive Cavity Pumps, Electrical submersible pumps and related equipment & accessories
  Electronic Memory Gauges
  Acoustic Fluid Level measuring Instrument.
  Supply of all kind of flow meters, valves & strainers for water and gas processing
  All types of Line pipes like ERW Pipes, GRE pipes, PE pipes with fittings
  Supply of Instrumentation Bulk items
  Electrical motors, DGMS approved Electrical motors ,Electrical panels, VFD, VSD, soft starters, Electrical measurement meters etc
  Supply of Electrical Bulk Items
  Supply of Audio Visual System/ EPABX, Video conferencing system
  Supply of different Grades of Structural Steel
  Supply of Different Welding & Cutting material
  Supply of Material Handling Tools, Slings, Wire, Ropes, Chains, jack, Pulley etc
  Supply of Modular Office and Containers
  High/low pressure vessels, Storage Tanks
  Supply of Gauges and Transmitter of different type,
  Chickson pipe, bends, swivels, quick couplers, hammer unions etc
  Supply of all types of API/ Non API Pumps (Centrifugal, Reciprocating, Screw Type, Plunger, Metering, Air Operated, Positive Displacement Type etc.)
  Supply of Cathodic Protection System.
  Equipment for workshop facility
  Supply of Pig Launcher/Pig Receiver
  Supply of all types of Laboratory equipments and Instruments
  All security monitoring and surveillance system, including CCTV
  Supply of Mechanical, Electrical and Electronic tools, Accessories, Spares and Consumables
  Equipment and software for communication system
EPC Services :
  EPC Contractors for fabrication, erection and commissioning of warehouse facility, well site facilities, Gas Gathering Station, compressor station, etc
Consultancy Services :
  Consultancy services for infrastructure development
  Consultancy services for Land acquisition
  Consultancy for Corporate Social Responsibilities (CSR)
  Consultancy companies engaged in Gas Marketing & Gas Distribution System
  Consulting companies engaged in – Designing & supervision for construction of GGS (Gas Gathering Station) / Compressors / Pipeline/ land survey.
  Consultancy companies engaged in pipeline route survey for trunk line/pipeline
  Consultancy services for Liaisoning and statutory approvals
  Filtering equipment.
  Material handling equipments
  CNG Compressor, Booster, Cascade, Dispensers, Priority Panels etc.
Equipment for purchase :
  Equipment like pumps, generators, Heat exchanger, Chillers, cooling towers, Dehydration unit,, BOP & handling tools
Other Services :
  Conceptual Studies, Front End Engineering Design and Detailed Engineering for field development.
  Project Management Consultancy Services.
  Services of System Integrator and Technology Partner for delivery of IT solutions and Technology Implementation to CBM Business.
  Design Review, Appraisal, Certification and Verification Agency for facilities.
  CHA/Freight forward/Transport services
  Hiring of Plant & Machinery, Material Handling Equipments like bulk trucks, cement/ sand bulk plants/ silos, cranes, hydra, trailers, LMV etc.
  Providing Miscellaneous Services like Vehicle Hiring, Catering, Structural and Mechanical Fabrication, etc
  Manpower Recruitment and Supply Agencies
  Services for land information system (LIS) , GIS Mapping
  Security and surveillance services
  Contract for civil services of roads and Supply of Bitumen & Asphalt Concretes
  Environmental Monitoring services
  Testing and inspection Services for Equipments.
  Survey services for Land Measurement
  Survey services for Land Measurement
  E – Procurement services
Other Material :
  Software and hardware for E&P like Database, Geology, Drilling, Production, HSE, Material management, Accounting, procurement etc.
  Safety items like Personal Protective Equipment, Fire protection equipment etc.
  Equipment, Instruments and chemicals for effluent/water/waste treatment plant
  Office and warehouse equipments
Drilling Services :
  Corehole Drilling Rig for drilling wells with air & fluid flush and HQ3/NQ3 Coring 900 m & 1500 m capacity.
  Surface hole (12" to 14") drilling rig (air & fluid flush) and Cementing (grouting) Services up to 500 meters
  Drilling rig for drilling test wells/Production well capable of drilling with air /fluid flush, 1250 m capacity
  Cementing Services
  Mud engineering services
  Completion/work over/testing rig 15 ton, 30 Tons & 50 ton
  Horizontal and Directional Drilling services including radial drilling, inseam drilling, etc
  Different types of Completion Services
  Fishing services

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